About me

I am a freelance graphic designer
and an illustrator based in Paris.
I am specialized in visual identity,
illustration and print and web media.

My work come from my passion of music
and minimal design. I attach a great
importance to simplicity and efficiency
in my design and I’m always looking for
to offer graphic and aesthetic solutions
that will satisfy my customers’s projetcs.

My professionals experiences and my studies
have allowed me to develop skills in different
areas around graphic design.


_VTE France (BpiFrance).
_Tour Eiffel.


Art direction, Graphic design,
Illustration, Web/App design,
Visual identity.


Funkytown, Virtual Reality,
Soirée des écoles supérieures
de la ville de Paris.

Feel free to contact me

mail: cassandramattiocco.pro@gmail.com